Credit Policy

We accept books for trade based on Paperback Shack’s current title needs. We give store credit for your gently used books. We offer the most for current and recent bestsellers. We’re also interested in good stories. Determining the value of books isn’t an exact science, but we always consider condition, supply and demand when making an offer. Go here to view our condition requirements.


***We reserve the right to refuse any book for any reason.***


Store credit is issued to the customer’s store credit account. Unused credit will remain in our database until the end of the current year. Every year, on January 1st, all credit will reset to $0.

Store credit applies to the purchase of used books only. Books marked “NEW” or “CASH ONLY” cannot be purchased with store credit.



You may use your credit toward 50% of the total purchase on used books.

The remaining balance must be paid in cash.

Tax cannot be paid for with store credit.


Example Sale with Credit:

You brought in books to trade and we credited your store credit account with $10.

You purchase one book:

Original publisher’s price of book: $9.99

Cost of used book (half publisher’s price): $5.00

Credit you may use from your trade-in: $2.50

Cash you owe: $2.84 (includes tax)

Credit saved in our system to use on your next purchase (before the end of the current year): $7.50