Frequent Questions

Q: Can I get cash for my books?

A: Sorry, no. We only issue store credit. Please see the guidelines – here.

Q: Do you buy college textbooks?

A: No. They do not hold their value because new editions are published often.

Q: Do you buy old magazines?

A: No.

Q: Why do you need my address when I trade in books?

A: For bookkeeping and tax purposes. Many used bookstores require you to present your driver’s license at time of trade, we simply ask you instead.

Q: My books are worth more than this, why won’t you give me what they are worth?

A: The truth is, at Paperback Shack, we strive to give the most credit possible for each title. If at any time you disagree with the amount of credit being offered, you may take all of your books back with no hard feelings from us. We are also willing to go to with you watching and, in place of our original offer, offer you the highest bid for each book you brought in. Please be aware – once we login to BookScouter our original bid is null and void.

**BookScouter is a database search engine for book buying that searches 56 sites to offer the best prices for your books. I encourage customers to go there before they visit the store so they have some idea of the value of their used books.**

Q: What if I don’t want any money for my books and I just want to donate them to you?

A: It’s a very nice thought, but if we can’t sell them, then we have to dispose of them in some manner. It will cost us time and money and isn’t a donation at that point, it’s a service we should charge for performing.

Q: But I have all of these books and you won’t take them, what should I do with them?

A: Hey, we understand, Great Aunt Alma had to be moved to a nursing home and you had no idea she had all of these books and you just want to get rid of them. If we can’t use them, but they’re in great condition, please consider donating to one of the many worthy local charities. Or, if they don’t meet our condition guidelines, please consider recycling them at one of the Trumbull County Recycling Drop Off Sites. Go to our Recycling Page for a list of recycling centers within 5 miles of Paperback Shack.