Our Story

The Paperback Shack was established in 1978. In it’s heyday, there were two brick and mortar locations and various flea market shops. When the business picked up, the flea markets became more hassle than they were worth, so the owners stopped attending and focused on their brick and mortar storefronts. In the late 1990’s, because of health issues, the original owners reduced down to one store, in Niles, and closed the other.

In mid-2015 the store was bought by a new owner.

Lisa moved to the area, to be closer to family, in 2012. Soon after, her grandfather also came to live with their family. Lisa and her Grampa began visiting The Paperback Shack in 2013. It was one of their favorite destinations and they made weekly trips to the store until he passed away.

When Ned, one of the original owners, approached Lisa’s father about buying the store, her father wasn’t interested in taking on the responsibility, but, he knew his daughter would be excited about owning and operating a store that held such good memories. Once the idea was presented, Lisa did what she does best, she gathered the information necessary to purchase and operate a successful independent bookstore.

There are a lot of positive changes planned for “the little bookstore next to Marc’s” over the next few years. We hope you’re as excited as we are to have new life breathed into an enduring Niles business.