Sell Books

We give store credit for books.

The amount of credit varies and is based on current store need and condition of the books. We will evaluate the books you bring us and offer you a bid for the books. If the amount is not acceptable to you, you may take your books back with no hard feelings from us.

If you feel we didn’t offer you a fair price, we will be happy to go to with you watching and scan all of your books in and offer you their highest value for each book, in place of our original offer. Once we go to BookScouter the original bid is null and void.

Bookscouter is a website where anyone can sell their books. It searches 56 book buying stores both physical and virtual and lists the best bid first.

Because of our limited space we must be selective about the books we accept for trade.

Please check our condition guidelines.

**At this time we are only accepting books from in store customers.