Book “Trades”

Important Information about STORE CREDIT

We accept books for trade based on Paperback Shack’s current title needs. We give store credit for your gently used books. We offer the most store credit for books published for the first time in the last 6 MONTHS by well known/bestselling authors that are in “like new” condition. We’re also interested in good stories, “very good”, and “good” condition paperbacks. We accept hardcovers that we think we might be able to sell. Determining the value of books isn’t an exact science, but we always consider condition, supply and demand when making an offer.

***We reserve the right to refuse any book for any reason.***

Store credit must be used the same day you earn it.

In 2017 we stopped keeping store credit on file – it was necessary because we have such a small space and need to make room for the new books as they come in. Store credit applies to the purchase of used books only. Books marked “NEW” or “CASH ONLY” cannot be purchased with store credit.


You may use your credit toward 50% of the total purchase on used books.

The remaining balance must be paid for by cash or check.

Tax cannot be paid for with store credit.

We do NOT give cash for books (never have – never will)