I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’m finally beginning to blog as Paperback Shack enters what I am referring to as “Phase Two”. When I started this journey, four years ago, I couldn’t imagine where it would take me. Sure, I had plan. Can you hear me laughing at my own naivety? Unfortunately, the original plan (here in referred to as OP) only went so far. I cleaned, organized, recycled, donated, asked my landlord for a new ceiling and lights (and he was awesome enough to get them for me), painted, put in a new counter top, Joe installed new flooring, Dad built new bookcases (on wheels!), entered all of our customers into a database, added a lovely website (that you’re viewing right now), created social media accounts, put up a new sign, and brought in new products. All of those things were great, but I (and my customers) want more. The OP took us as far as it could and we will forever be grateful.

In 2019 we began Phase Two. We set up accounts with all the publishing houses and vendors we love, donated lots of books to make room (and it still wasn’t enough space to place a minimum order and have somewhere to put the merchandise). So we had a 75% Off Sale… it made some room (I may have forgotten about all the back stock – which refilled the shelves as soon as we emptied them). And now we are having another 75% Off Sale. Ultimately we want to clear 25 to 30 bookcases (half the store). As soon as the new books begin arriving, there will be another addition – an inventory system – but I’m getting a head of myself.

Change is scary. The unknown is uncomfortable and people try to avoid it. I moved the store around four years ago and, for the most part, it has stayed the same since (except for: eliminating a non-selling section and being forced to move a few sections due to theft). I guess this part is a sort-of a “be aware” statement: Through the rest of 2019 we are going to shift a lot of books. Things are going to be in new places and there will be lots of new products to browse. I hope all the fun new stuff helps to lessen the blow of downsizing the used book selection.

I’m really excited about this new adventure and I hope all of you will enjoy the new stock we’ll soon be adding to Paperback Shack’s shelves.