Independent Author Policy


Thank you for considering Paperback Shack for placement of your book. The following are the guidelines we set forth to help us determine what independent authors we’ll carry.

In recent years, non-traditional publishing has become popular. Many authors are choosing to self-publish or use small publishing houses which offer little to no support in the way of editing and marketing. Because non-traditional publishing has made publishing easier, we are asked to consider hundreds of books for sell in Paperback Shack every year. We have a small space and can’t possibly oblige every author we’d like to carry. Some of the factors which influence our decisions include subject matter, caliber of writing, quality of printing/binding, and retail price. We decline many books, including those by well-known writers, if they’re not a fit for our store.

To review your book, we ask that you complete the attached Independent Author Review Form and leave a sample copy of your book. We will review your book within 4 weeks and contact you with our response. If Paperback Shack chooses to carry your book, you will be asked to sign a consignment contract that includes the following terms:

One to two books may be left at Paperback Shack on consignment for a period of up to six months.

If we sell those books we will contact you and you can decide if you want to replenish the stock. The timeframe and terms of sale remain the same for the replenished stock.

Paperback Shack’s commission will be 40% of the retail price.




Before submitting your work, please check our guidelines. Hint: if you answer YES to all of these questions – you have a better chance of Paperback Shack carrying your work.

_____ 1. Your novel is a work of FICTION.

_____ 2. Your novel has been professionally edited.

_____ 3. Your novel is NOT published through Amazon or any of it’s sister companies.

_____ 4. Your novel has a price printed on the front or back cover.

_____ 5. The title is clearly visible on the spine of your novel.


Independent Author Review Form


Thank you for submitting your book for review to Paperback Shack. Your book will be reviewed based on the characteristics that we give to all books Paperback Shack chooses to stock in our inventory.

To consider your book for review, please leave one copy of your book with this completed form. If we decide to carry your book, the review copy will be held for our inventory. If we decide we cannot carry your book, you will be notified to pick up your book. If after 30 days from being contacted, you have not either signed an Independent Author Contract or picked up your book, it becomes the property of Paperback Shack and we will donate at our discretion.


AUTHOR’S NAME:_____________________________________________________________

AUTHOR’S ADDRESS:_________________________________________________________

AUTHOR’S EMAIL ADDRESS:___________________________________________________

AUTHOR’S PHONE NUMBER:___________________________________________________

BOOK’S TITLE:_______________________________________________________________

BOOK’S GENRE:______________________________________________________________

SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE:______________________________


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