Donate Books

*NEW in 2018*

While we have always donated to worthy charities, since 2015 we have not accepted donations for the store. The reason was simple – we don’t have the room. This year, we’ve teamed up with several new charities and will be making monthly donations. This opens us up to accept donations from our customers. Please read below for more information.

We donate thousands of books each year. We choose charities we believe will get the most use out of the titles we have to donate at the time (examples: Mysteries and Romance to nursing homes, Young Adult books to children’s organizations, etc.).

If you would like to donate books to the store – please stop by during store hours and tell the person working you’d like to make a donation.

We sort through donations at our convenience, often once the store is closed. We will keep the books Paperback Shack can sell and donate the rest locally.

Thank you for considering donating.