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We have a large selection of used books.

Our genres:

Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, mystery, thriller, paranormal, romance, western, & YA.

Writing Classes

Everyone has a story.

Learn to write yours here.

Gifts & Swag

We are more than books:

Candles, Mystery Book Boxes, Stickers, 3D Book Nooks, Customized Gift Baskets, Pens, Jewelry, Games, Journals, Mugs, Etc.

Book Club

Read books, gather at the Shack, talk about books, repeat.

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Writing Group

Writing, Critiquing, and Camaraderie.

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Trades & Donations

Bring your gently used books for trade credit or donation.

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Upcoming Events


Writing Workshop

7p – 9p

     Do you have a work in progress that you’d like feedback on? We gather at the beginning of each month to do that exact thing (and cheer each other on, and snack… we’re writers).

RSVP by  @ 4pm


Book Club

7pm – 8:30pm

     Come and talk about our monthly read with us. There will be laughing, chatting, and snacking. You get the idea. 

RSVP by 7/30/24 @ 4pm


What We’re Reading

used books


Science Fiction

used books



used books



used books



Our Mission

     Paperback Shack is more than a used bookstore. We are a community of readers and writers and a creative space filled with open minds and hearts. Paperback Shack supports readers, artists, writers, and others who walk the path less traveled. We are weird, we are introverts, and we are happiest visiting with people of like mind.

     Readers of all types of fiction are welcomed. We hope they read what they enjoy and don’t feel stigmatized by society’s opinion of whatever their preferred genre might be. Who cares what other people think! Reading is reading.

     And we encourage anyone who has a story to tell, to write it down so others can enjoy it. Write what you love and want to share with others.  Do not listen to the critics – they aren’t your audience. Writing is writing (and – as an added bonus – the more you write, the better you get at it). 

     Yes, we have used books and are a bookstore. We don’t let those two facts completely define us. Paperback Shack is more than a place – it’s a feeling of belonging. When you visit, you will probably meet our owner. Be forewarned: she is always herself – unique, passionate, and maybe a little mad (“we’re all mad here”). Stop by and join in the fun. =)


6058 Youngstown Warren Rd
Niles, Ohio 44446

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