Book Donations

Book Donations keep the bookstore dream alive.

We appreciate all the wonderful people who choose to bring us their gently used books. Any books we cannot use, we donate to charities and people in need. We will even come to you to pick up donations in certain situations. Check out our estate book pick up service for more information.

We are always looking for fiction paperbacks. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal, mystery, thriller, romance, western, general/best-selling fiction, and young adult.

Book Donations we do not accept:

Since we accept more types books than we don’t – here is what we won’t take:

Textbooks, Encyclopedias, Christian, Religion, Children’s, Non-Fiction (cook books, self help, medical, bibles, etc.). For more information, please check out our FAQs page.

There are lots of wonderful places to donate your non-fiction. One of our favorite places, not only for non-fiction books, is Menagerie in Howland. All of their proceeds go to the Animal Welfare League. 


Any questions – please call us – 330-544-5937.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! =) 




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