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       Our book club meets on the last Tuesday of every month to discuss our current read and laugh – a lot. The only thing you need to know before you join us is: we are introverts who enjoy discussing fictional characters. We hope to see you at our next meeting! =) 

      But what if you’re like me, and you want to know as much as possible before you go anywhere (especially when meeting a group of strangers)? Hmm… what else can I tell you? Well, for starters: we read all kinds of different genres. We chose a book for the next month during the current meeting – everyone gets a vote. There is no dress code – feel free to wear pajamas or leather pants if you feel like it. No one will care what you are wearing. You may bring food or a drink with you. Lisa usually provides cookies or brownies – something sweet. You may shop in the store before or after our meeting.

     The bottom line: Everyone is super friendly and we have a great time talking about our book of the month – and dog training, crafts, wine, significant others (real and fictional), plants, vacations, etc. Seriously, we have fun. Stop by and experience Paperback Shack’s book club for yourself.

Book Club Current read

Starter Villian

By John Scalzi 

  • Science Fiction
  • Inheriting your uncle’s supervillain business is more complicated than you might think. Particularly when you discover who’s running the place.
  • John Scalzi is a New York Times best-selling author. He’s won numerous awards including the Hugo and the Robert A. Heinlein. His work has been adapted into episodes of the Netflix series Love, Death + Robots.
  • We are meeting April 30th, 2024 @ 7pm – 8:30pm.
Book Club 3

Recent Reads

Book Club 2


Holiday Break

Be back next year! =)

book club 3


Rebecca Yarros



KC Cross



Rebecca Yarros


Book Club 2


Larry Correia

Paranormal Adventure

book club 3


Grady Hendrix


Cemetery Boys

Aiden Thomas

Young Adult LBGTQ+

Death by Dumpling

Vivien Chien

Cozy Mystery

Book Club 2

Ninth House

Leigh Bardugo

Supernatural Thriller

book club 3

The Guest List

Lucy Foley


Welcome to Temptation

Jennifer Crusie


The Stroke of Winter

Wendy Webb

Ghost Mystery


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